Roll in the real-world.


A mundane adventure from 9 to 5.

real-world role-playing games

Join a virtual tabletop custom-built for you and your profession. Invite as many others as you want. Experience pre-built modules that are not only fun but educational AND geared towards your real-world life with real-world rewards!

Open-source Dojos

Sign up for a Work Dojo and get all the gaming goodness with some amazing open-source tools to boot. The ultimate sandbox and playground for the everyday builder. Join the open-source revolution in whatever it is that you do!

Volunteer opportunities

We’re OG games and builders with big dreams. Join the open-source revolution as a volunteer or dojo founder. Changing the world isn’t easy! Wherever you’re from, whatever you do, please do come along for the ride!

How it works

For $25/month, we custom build an open-source playground for you. Built on a raw cloud server that you own and control (Hey Admin!). Including open-source apps customized to you and your profession AND your own virtual tabletop for gaming with family, friends, and colleagues.


Each dojo has 100GB, 8GB of RAM, and a 4-core CPU built on top of server running Ubuntu 22.04. Unlike other SaaS companies, we will provide you with root Admin access. It’s your server, your data, you got the keys to the car! Roll in the real world!

Virtual Tabletop

Each dojo includes access to Foundry VTT, the leading virtual tabletop. Collaborate with your team in style where everybody has fun and everybody is on a mission.


Containerized architecture ensures you can tinker with the apps you own without worrying about messing other containers up. Your server is your safe place, your place to have fun, your place to build!


Deck out your dojo with some amazing open-source tech! Including WordPress, Ghost, Rocket.Chat, Zulip, Mastodon, Baserow, n8n, and so much more!


Come together for quests in-game AND in the real-world!

Take on real-world objectives from the comfort of your very own self-built gaming world.

Apply game master skills to leading real teams to real victories.

Create real-world value by building with others in-game.

Level up, buff your skills, and recruit followers. Collaborate with your teammates on both in-game and real-world adventures.

Build a business in the real-world like you’d build one in-game.


Our mission is to make open-source more accessible.

Ally Deller

data analyst

Dojos is a lot of fun! I don’t game much but I do use some of the open-source apps that came pre-built in my custom dojo.

Like Rocket.Chat as an alternative to Slack and Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter. I wish I would have jumped ship earlier and become a self-hoster!

Dojos is an overall good value! While the Dojos team doesn’t provide technical support for the various open-source apps that power my Dojo, they are super responsive and helpful when I have questions about maybe the most fun part of it all. Coming up with ideas, building things, and of course decking out my Dojo!

Simone Ziegler

SEO analyst

Working in SEO you become quickly aware that traditional webhosts suck. They’re expensive and the price ALWAYS goes up after a while. I learned that by hosting my own VPS, I could theoretically deploy multiple WordPress sites, but then I didn’t want to mess around with Linux servers, terminal access, etc.

That’s where Dojos came in. For a few dollars over the cost of a VPS they have helped me deploy over two dozen websites, with space left over for dozens more. You won’t find a webhost that cheap for so many sites.

Aaron Milton

Marketing director

I was looking to inject some fun into my team’s day to day. Since they’re fans of gaming, I went on the search for the ultimate team-building games. The Dojos team shared info on Fountry VTT, what it could do, and even where to go outside of Dojos to host the game server for my team.

I ended up going with Dojos (even though the Forge is only $3/month), because I can use the extra space left over on my Dojo server for a whole lot more. Open-source apps galore. We ultimately came to the realization that the Dojo itself, where you can build things, tinker, and collaborate, was the real winner. My team loves to play with their own server and it costs just $25/mo no matter how many members we have on our team.

Anna Franne

Marketing manager

Dojos helps me WOW my clients by creating showrooms of leading open-source apps that I then brand as my own. So is the beauty of the open-source world! You can take most any building block that exists on Github and deploy it in your Dojo. For $25/mo, I think we have at any given time about 15 apps running, including websites, chat apps, dashboards, wikis, etc.

Mark Alstrom

Web designer

Foundry VTT paired with a Dojo is like a match made in heaven. You can actually embed your own self-hosted website or Wiki directly into the Foundry VTT game interface. I build the things in my Dojo, and then put them in-game when I run campaigns. Everyone is really impressed with my tech and gaming stack!

Maria Malatore


I like how Dojos are built using Docker containers. It’s a really easy and safe way to deploy apps and you can fit A LOT of functionality on a single server. While yes it’s true you can get a virtual cloud server for as little as ten bucks a month, Dojos earns their keep by providing a team that cares. I feel like I’m apart of their team and they’re apart of mine. I’m proud to be part of the open-source revolution and would encourage others to do the same.

Our plans

We operate with the utmost integrity and provide full billing transparency and a simplified pricing structure. The raw cost of your cloud server is approximately $10/mo making our service an AT-COST SERVICE. We will provide you with initial deployments, monthly customization including a customized dashboard, along with a seat at the Founders Foundry Tabletop roundtable.

One flat monthly fee all up, not per-seat, not per-team, cancel anytime (and take your server with you if you wish!).



per month

Want to throw around ideas and collaborate with us on our self-hosted server?

Dojo’s World Monthly


per month

Complete Dojo server, 6 app deployments including Foundry Virtual Tabletop, Ghost Blog, Wiki.js, and more. Cancel anytime.

Dojo’s World Yearly


per YEAR

Save 25%