About Us

OG Gamers. Builders. Digital Dreamers.

We like building things. We like tinkering with open-source technology. And we like to game!

Growing up in the 80s was wild. Me and my older brother had an Atari 2600. That was the teaser before the NES rocked our world!

Gamers born during this time never really lose it. That love for gaming. For grinding. For leveling up. Collecting loot. Exploring and building.

I sometimes wish I could go back in time. Other times I look to the future. I hope this site can be a bit of both and encourage others to do what they love and love what they do.

Work Dojos

I built Work Dojos as a framework for fixing problems I saw happening with Big Tech and the increasingly centralized consolidation of power amongst its players.


Google’s apps and services touch nearly every facet of our digital lives (maps, photos, gmail, you name it). Try de-googling, I dare you! It isn’t easy (and especially for small business owners, dare I say impossible). The desire to de-google was the day I set sail into the seas of FOSS.


Having served Microsoft for years, I know a bit about how they work. I know when to get excited about new things they have in the works and know to temper my excitement because Microsoft often f*cks up and fails. But at the end of the day, their aims are the same as Google’s: to monopolize control of your digital lives.


Using Facebook, especially as a small business owner, in a word: SUCKS! The UI is ugly, overladen with hot garbage, and every step of the way you have to watch yourself for fear of being victimized in some way on the data privacy front. It’s like walking across the Khumbu Icefall on the way to Everest! The only way to be safe using Facebook is NOT to use it.


While Apple has been making concessions on the privacy front (and it part has put a real dent in Facebook’s coffers (for that we are grateful), don’t for a second believe their goal is anything other than world domination on the tech front. Just like the others. Seeing a pattern here?


Oh Twitter. Oh well. I was never a huge Twitter user but since reading about the whole Twitter fiasco, I started playing around with Mastodon and have been liking what I’m seeing. It’s open-source too. For the those that need a Twitter fix, the Fediverse is where it’s at.


Last I checked, Discord has like a 90% market share of the “chat server” market. That sounds a bit monopolistic to me. It’s only when you look into the history of Discord, right from their very early beginnings even, when you might say WTF. Thankfully there are many open-source options on the market for chat.

Work Dojos was born as a result of me trying to find alternatives to the things above and to help make others aware of the same. Anyone can take back their tech and data privacy.

Anyone can self-host. And for those that do, an absolute wonderland awaits! A place where you can tinker. And build. And collaborate with others. Educate your family with what I believe to build the ultimate educational tool. A beautiful sandbox that is completely yours. Built on exclusively open-source technology. Where you are the almighty Admin.



We’re Recruiting volunteers

Want to join the open-source revolution? Have interest in making games together? Do you want to start a business, buff your stats, your resume, or just see what’s up?

We are not in it to become rich. We are not in it to become famous. We are in it to change the world. Thank you for your interest, we will PERSONALLY respond to each and every e-mail. Your information will in no way be shared with any 3rd-party and sending us an e-mail will NOT opt you in to any future marketing e-mails.